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Project activities

Work Package 1.Coordination Management and Conceptual scientific framework (WP1)

  • Task 1.1 Coordination and scientific, administrative and financial management (T1.1)
  • Task 1.2 Detailed work plan preparation (T1.2)
  • Task 1.3 Commission and management of the project website and communication System (T1.3)
  • Task 1.4 Intermediary and Final reports (T1.4)

Work Package 2.In situ monitoring data and preliminary analysis (WP2)

  • Task 2.1 Identify and review relevant in-situ data (T2.1)
  • Task 2.2 Identify the historic evolution of forest ecosystems (T2.2)
  • Task 2.3 Field data collection and preparation (T2.3)
  • Task 2.4 Processing and analysis of terrestrial laser data (T2.4)

Work Package 3.Earth Observation data processing and algorithm development (WP3)

  • Task 3.1 Processing, integration, and archiving of Earth-Observation (EO) data (T3.1)
  • Task 3.2 Numeric simulation of radar signal (T3.2)
  • Task 3.3 Retrieval of bio-geophysical variables (T3.3)
  • Task 3.4 Change detection analysis and data fusion (T3.4)

Work Package 4.Modeling and forecasting forest in the context of environmental and socio-economic changes (WP4)

  • Task 4.1 LANDIS adaptation to Romanian forest conditions (T4.1)
  • Task 4.2 Spatial data integration and transformation into LANDIS format (T4.2)
  • Task 4.3 Model simulations and outputs analysis (T4.3)

Work Package 5.A case study for prototyping a national forest monitoring system (WP5)

  • Task 5.1 Defining requirements for implementing a national forest monitoring system focused on EO technologies (T5.1)

Work Package 6.Project final audit (WP6)

  • Task 6.1 Project final audit (T6.1)