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Beneficiary informations

The direct beneficiary of EO-ROFORMON is the National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS) “Marin Drăcea”.INCDS will benefit by attracting and training highly skilled scientific staff in three priority areas:



1.1.4 Sustainable development of the forestry sector, increasing its competitiveness and quality of life


2.2.1 Dedicated Spatial Applications (Earth Observation, GNSS, Satcom)


3.2.2 Climate change risk management of resources


Participation in international projects will be facilitated by the collaborative activities with researchers from international centres (Centre for the Study of the Biosphere from Space CESBIO, Oregon State University – OSU, and Gamma Remote Sensing) established under EO-ROFORMON. In addition, the international partners will host and train EO-ROFORMON research staff. INCDS would also benefit from the acquisition of high technology equipment (terrestrial laser scanner) and radar processing software (Gamma) which could be used in future projects. Project results will directly benefit one of the forest management units administrated by INCDS (selected as the study area). Spatial information regarding the selected forest indicators will be generated for the study area and integrated into the simulation tool to forecast forest evolution under different management scenarios and thus improve management and planning activities. On medium and long-term, the implementation of EO-ROFORMON results within a national forest monitoring system run by INCDS would attract additional funding from the state budget and public and private companies managing large forest areas (National Forest Administration – ROMSILVA, Romanian Forest Owners Association).

EO-ROFORMON results and future implementation of a national forest monitoring system, will benefit the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests through improved forecasting and will provide an early warning system for forest condition assessment. Such a system would improve environmental policies through scientific evidence, increase administration efficiency and improve transparency in forest decision making. EO-ROFORMON results will benefit forest resource management (public and private) by providing the stakeholders new tools for forecasting forest evolution under different climate change related scenarios, disturbance regimes and silvicultural work.